I Woke In A Panic

I Woke In A Panic

I woke up in a panic over absolutely nothing. As soon as my first eyelid opened this morning, I knew I had to get a hold of myself or I’d manifest my anxiety.

Before the sun kissed my brown skin for the day, my attitude was a bit poor. I felt as if I wouldn’t be able to complete my tasks for the day.

Call me the terminator as I obviously traveled back from the future to know how the day would progress.

I needed something powerful to defeat my anxiety, Zi was in danger of spending the day battling my inner grumpy cat lady. The first thing I thought of was everything I was grateful for.

Although gratefulness fights negative energy, I knew I had to put out thrice as much good energy to combat the irrational mindset.

The method I find most useful to do this is writing my thoughts or poetry. Afterwards, I create a list of things to do for the day and another of things I am thank for.

On my thankful list were the obvious things like life, health, family, food. I then gravitated to the overlooked daily miracles such as the ability to use the bathroom and think for myself.

By the time my morning ablutions were completed along with my list, I still felt the remnants of having anxious thoughts so I kicked it up a notch.

Four Reminders

I focused on the four tips my husband shared with me to help overcome my most anxious moments.

1) Don’t sin against yourself

An example is when you allow the negative thoughts powered by fear to run amuck and you begin berating yourself. You have all the power to stop a thought in its tracks.

It may not feel like it at the moment, but trust me you do. Don’t let your mind weigh you down with worries real or imagined.

2) Don’t personalize things

What others eat doesn’t make you use the bathroom. Therefore, what people have to say about/to you isn’t your concern. Focus on yourself. Don’t make another person’s opinion change the facts of who you are. Know yourself.

3) Do your best

This is your first life, so it’s natural to have growing pains. Make it your goal to end the day better than you began it. Every day is the past and the future.

Focus on giving the now your all. Write it down your task to stay on track for the day. Don’t be anxious for tomorrow because you can’t control the world.

4) Repeat (be consistent)

Ever heard that consistency is the key? Yea, they don’t say that for nothing. Consistency is the key for all things to be successful due to the compounding effects of your actions.

You can build anything with continued efforts, including a calmer mind. Repeat good practices, and you’ll produce good results.

Be strong and courageous my friends, winning the battle against anxiety is a daily fight but the victory is sweet.

Remember, you can solve the problems within your control.

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