Why I Drink Hot Water

Why I Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water makes me feel as if I’m getting away with something scandalous.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve restricted my obsessive tea drinking ways to a few times daily so this is a great substitute.

Feeling the hot water sliding down my throat and warming my stomach makes me feel healthy. Yes, girl! Melt that fat!

After drinking my 20 oz bottle of hot water, I model in the mirror and rub my stomach to encourage my abs to show. They are there somewhere.

Sometimes, I get a little spicy by adding lime or lemon to the warm goodness. Those are the days when citrus is on sale. Otherwise, I play it cool with herbal infusions such as rosehip or neem.

Natural citric acid is one of the secret weapons to a healthy mind. When mixed with hot water, it does wonders for the body.

I would quote the actual benefits of hot water such as improving your digestion, aid in weight loss, and hydration, but I’ll leave it to the experts.

As I sip my delightful brew, I picture it unclogging my internal pipes from whatever I just ate.

In my mind, it flushes the food I consumed down my internal drain while warming my precious heart.

I’m telling you if you’ve never tried drinking hot water or tea after a meal, you should. It’s life-changing not to mention addictive once you start noticing the results.

Although my niece says that it’s gross, she’s nine, and doesn’t know real swag.

Trust me when I tell you ladies, that it will help you get rid of that .4 ounce you see on the scale that you’re not supposed to be looking at.

Sipping warm water will improve your circulation while reducing stress especially during anxious moments. I guess that’s why it feels so scandalous to drink it.

It’s almost as if I don’t want myself to relax because doing so means I’m slacking off. Hmmm, I’ll have to explore that topic at another time. Until then, I’ll take whatever reprieve from anxiety I can get.

We should all feel the exhilarating rush of being stress-free as much as we can.

Let me know if drinking hot water has changed your life, even in the smallest way.

Be strong and courageous to live at your full potential. Remember that every day, in every way, you’re getting better and better.

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