Unmoving Scale

Unmoving Scale

What to do when the scale doesn’t move? I feel like the queen of all Dr. Seuse rhymes with that one.

Well my friends, welcome to another edition of “ get healthy with me” with your host…me, kimme. I just stepped off the scale and saw that regardless of my little fat self running around the block and doing squats, it hasn’t moved.

I am the same weight as I was when I wrote you the last letter which is 193lbs.

It was so disappointing to see the numbers unchanging, but what can I say? It’s not like I’ve made the best decisions while struggling with nutrition these past few months, or should I say lifetime?

Breaking habits are difficult. The minute you let up and decide to treat yourself to something you think you deserved, then that’s when chaos begins.

One cookie turns into a seafood boil, platine chips becomes a birthday cake and now all of your salads have Caesar dressing with croutons! 

The absolute truth is that a little leaven leavens the whole lump! That includes croutons!

Those yummy Texas Toast croutons. So what if I lost 40lbs? That doesn’t mean anything when I gained almost ten pounds back. How very frustrating.

I was recently browsing Instagram giving Usability advice for  businesses that I spotted errors on, and I happen to make a comment on a health page about the Hunza people’s diet.

Some kind soul commented and informed me that oats aren’t really good for you. After a long discussion where I gained so much information, I became enlightened. 

I’ve been shoving raw oats down my throat for a whole month trying to get my grain intake. Boy was I ignorant.

Coupled with my occasional junk food and no wonder the scale kept moving up. I’ll post that conversation so that you can assess for yourself if it’s advice you may want to take.

Although I felt that I was doing well nutritional wise, I realized that my good wasn’t good enough. I lack consistency and discipline.

Sometimes you have to wake up and realize that pussyfooting around will waste your time. Either you commit to something 100% or just leave it alone!

Don’t torture yourself because the emotional stress will hurt you.

When you decide to commit, keep moving forward and don’t look back. I take a little encouragement that the scale said 193.0 on the dot without added ounces.

I think any other number would have made me spiral out of control while comforting myself with some ice cream and hating myself for eating it.

Instead, what it taught me was that I have to get serious if I want results. You may not like what I’m about to say next but I think you should listen. Stop looking at the scale. 

If you make a promise, so too will I. It causes too much up and downs especially when you have a specific number in mind and the scale isn’t moving towards it.

I’ve become an obsessed weigher. Meaning that at one point I would weigh myself at least 2x a day.

If I went to the bathroom, I’d hop on the scale immediately after because in my mind, it wasn’t the fat on my body that made me weigh so much, it was poop.

Just keeping it real. 

I’m one of those women who drinks water all day and then the next day expect to wake up 12 pounds less. It isn’t realistic and I’m very sick of it. 

The question is will I be able to leave the scale alone? I’ve tried so many times but I wanted to validate my hard work with physical proof, I mean, who doesn’t?

Can I do it? Of course I can, but I always leave a little wiggle room. I’ve been fat all of my life and some habits aren’t going to be fixed as quickly as they should. Here is the deal that I’ve made with myself starting today.

Kimme Promise to not weigh herself for three months. Once that three months has arrived, I will pick a specific date, record the results and resign this promissory note for another three months.

That sounds fair to me. It takes the pressure but still gives me what I want, aka physical validation. 

I know experts say to leave the scale alone entirely, but I surmise they haven’t been fat before or spent their whole lives battling this dis-ease.

Like my old boss used to say, “it is what it is”. I will weigh myself in a responsible way when my mind is strong enough not to accept what I see.

Girl, I can’t believe that I feel smaller, look smaller but the damn scale isn’t moving. Of course manys will tell me about inches, but that doesn’t mean anything to a fat person, aka…me.

Until next time friends, be strong and courageous!

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