Keratin Treatment Hair Loss Update and The Big Chop

In Spring 2015, I tried something new by getting a keratin treatment on my 4c hair. Had I known that I would spend the next few years having bad hair days, I would have saved myself the trouble and the drama. I experienced massive hair loss from the keratin treatment, and the only way to move forward was to do the Big Chop.

By the Fall, I asked my sister to shave my head. It was a freeing and extremely convenient time in my life. I used a minimal amount of products to define my curls which reduced the anxiety of natural hair care. I also had a lot of fun coloring my hair, but even that had to end. You can watch the update below.

It was time to focus on recovering from hair loss. The plan was simple. I would wear braids and twists until I figured out what to do with my hair. However, whenever it was time to replace the style, I could not deal with the knots, thinning, and how it felt like someone else head.

On top of the stress of dealing with new hair issues, I did not know what to do. I kept trimming the thinnest parts of my hair in hopes of regaining the same thickness I had before the Keratin Treatment.

I developed a frivolous pattern; protective style, hair cut, protective style, circling the issue of not knowing how to care for my hair. Thus began my journey of finding the best tools, products, and techniques for my 4C hair. However, It was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Experiencing hair loss from a keratin treatment was the catalyst of a new chapter in my hair journey. It made me focus on manageability rather than growth. Trying to manage my hair without anxiety led me to make the mistake of getting the treatment, but it also helped me to realize how little I knew of caring for my 4c hair.

The first manageability task I conquered was learning how to detangle my hair after removing it from box braids.

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