Keratin Treatment Hair Loss & The Big Chop

My keratin treatment hair loss update is an introduction to a new chapter in my life, hair manageability. In the Spring of 2015, I tried something new by getting a keratin treatment. Had I know that I would spend the next four years having bad hair days, I would have saved myself the trouble and the drama.

In October of 2015, I asked my sister to shave my head. It was freeing, extremely convenient and I was able to use a minimal amount of products to define my curls. I had lots of fun coloring my hair too, but even that had to come to an end.

My plan for recovery was simple. I’ll wear braids and twists until I figured out what to do with my hair. However, whenever it was time to replace the style, I couldn’t deal with the knots, thinning, and how it felt like someone else’s head. So I kept trimming the thinnest parts. Do you see a pattern? Protective style, hair cut, protective style.

Thus began my journey of finding the best tools, products, and techniques for my 4C hair. However, It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Hair Loss Recovery

Although the update on my keratin treatment hair loss was brief, the damage sustained to my hair wasn’t. Shaving my head was the best decision I could have made considering the circumstances but it didn’t mitigate the damage. My hair continued to shed along with experiencing a tender burning scalp for many months.

I didn’t realize that people weren’t just interested in the current state of my hair, but the techniques I used for recovery.  Duh right? They told me off in the comment section.

Take a look if you don’t believe me. LOL. I was hesitant to continue speaking about my keratin treatment damaged hair, but people were asking for help.

Therefore, I put together a list of the things I considered to be crucial for recovering hair loss even if you’ve shaved your head. You can click here to check it out. I recommend setting the foundation for a healthy hair loss recovery.

Experiencing keratin treatment hair loss was the catalyst of a new chapter in my hair journey. It made me focus on manageability rather than growth. Trying to find a way to manage my hair without stress is what caused me to ultimately make this mistake. Without true knowledge of how to manage my 4C hair, traumatizing mistakes were bound to keep happening.

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