I began Jogging to lose weight

I began Jogging to lose weight

Well, well, well if it isn’t Mrs.” I jogged around the block without stopping for the first time in my life” Promise.

You go girl! By “you” I mean Me! Yes, I did it. I was jogging a bit slow but not once did I stop my progress to take a sip of water or let my burning claves rest.

I feel so proud of myself right now. Let me update you about my progress and what it means to my health goals. 

Yesterday, I didn’t jog but later in the evening I completed some exercises where I needed them the most, give it up one time for the lower body. Yes, the lower body.

A lot of information out there will say that women focus too much on their lower bodies, but as a person with a petite inverted triangle/ cone/ apple shaped body, that’s where the focus news to be.

Like I will keep telling you ladies, do what you know is best for yourself. 

Okay, onward and upward. Let me give you the rundown. I ran in place for 10 minutes at the same speed as I would when jogging around the block.  I needed the steps to be counted for my goal of 10k steps per day.

My sister came outside and played some new Jamaican artists that she thought I would like, and there I was jamming to music and squatting. At the completion I did 60 squats, 20 lunges, 60 kickbacks, 20 calf raises, and the exercise where you kick your legs out to the side. Whatever they are called, I did 40 of thoses.

Since the music was playing, It didn’t feel as strenuous as it usually would. 

I let my mind flow with the beat as the breeze caressed my sweat drenched face. It felt good to do something that day because I didn’t jog.

Consequently, when I woke up this morning I was more determined than usual to jog, and get it done so that I could give myself a sticker for the day. Lol I am a person who loves instant gratification, it is not my fault, blame society.

Therefore, I need to reward myself when I do something I said I was going to do. Instead of using food, I use stickers as if I was back in elementary school again.

It works for me! I’m like “yeaaa a sticker!” Who rocks? I rock!  That is why I can proudly view my progress and physically see it. They say seeing is believing but it takes willpower to create the action.

With my stickers, I can see the improvement of both. I encourage you to find a reward system that works to motivate you on your health journey.  

The most amazing thing about today was how much I improved from the first day of jogging. It doesn’t take an hour for my heart rate to return to normal, my breathing is better, my chest feels clearer and my mind is stronger.

There’s so much that we can accomplish if we believe in ourselves. 

That doesn’t mean that it will be pretty and pain free, but it does mean you get to find out what type of badass you are and how everything you ever wanted is just a decision away.

Be strong and courageous ladies, because the world is yours to conquer, one step at a time!

I believe in the ability to change the things in which we do not like. Get those stickers, start jogging and rule the world!

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