I ate cookies for breakfast

I ate cookies for breakfast

I couldn’t resisted eating their little faces. Yesterday was the first day of my daily jog around the block followed by a few strength training exercises.

I felt so proud of myself that I was able to jog without stopping too much. Of course, I stopped at our designated spots for a water break, but oh man I was hyped about my accomplishments. It’s been forever since I felt that proud of myself.

So can you tell me why I ate 6 cookies as a recovery meal followed by lime Tostitos chips?

To make matters more difficult, because that’s just me, I didn’t consume as much water as I needed.

See I’ve learned that you can work out from now until cows start flying but without proper nutrition, it’s all for naught.

Working out the next day, I cursed those cookies to Hades and back. I thoughtlessly ate them because they were accessible.

It was an automatic reflex type of action where my body was in control, and my consciousness sat in the passenger seat like one of those crash dummies.

I watched as my hand descended into the cookie jar like an Olympic diver going for gold. Just because I ran out of my precious Quinoa, my world fell apart. Now I completely understand why having a schedule is vital to my success.

Then I wouldn’t have to wreck my brain trying to figure out what I can eat when it’s showtime. I may not like to meal prep, but at least I can schedule-prep if there was ever such a thing.

I’ve read a few articles that suggest eating a big breakfast, medium lunch, and an extremely small dinner is sustainable. That sounds perfect, just not perfect for me. I prefer to eat in the opposite way.

I’ll do what works with my natural habits so that I can maintain it. I like to begin my day with a warm cup of water while writing a list of things to complete.

At approximately noon, I begin prepping to break my fast with a small meal. I’ll eat a medium meal a few hours later followed by a larger dinner.

When I have a schedule eating one less thing to worry about. No more panicking at feeding time, the inner animal is appeased.

More importantly, having a schedule of some kind prevents mindless, binge and emotional eating. No more evil little cookies for breakfast, a fruit will do.

Be strong, Be courageous. Figure out what works best for you, make a schedule then stick to it like white on rice. We can do this.

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