How many pounds can I lose in one month?

How many pounds can I lose in one month?

I really have to stop asking myself how many pounds can I lose in one month.

As an ancient fatty, let’s not take offense here I’ve been obese for the majority of my life, I always asked myself this question, how many pounds can I lose in one month.

The internet will tell you a host of answers depending on what you’re looking for. Usually, I’d get more specific and narrow down my search to what it is that I really want such as “how to lose 30lbs in 30 days” or something equally as ridiculous. 

It’s not that it isn’t possible, but if I have to figure out how to lose that much weight in one month then it’s safe to say that I’m out of control and a quick fix isn’t going to help the situation.

It never has it never will. Whenever I did manage to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, I always gained it back after my diet was over. 

Let’s see. I lost 15lbs in 7 days doing the master cleanse the first time and only about 7lbs every time after that. I lost 20lbs in one week on the Atkins diet but I wasn’t able to eat bananas and eggs for about 7 years after. Oh, let’s not forget about my favorite way to shed some pounds, juice fasting!

 I’d lose about one pound per day for however long I juice fasted, and because it was so expensive to continue, I took the shortcut of using Bolthouse farms carrot juice to supplement my juicing.

Sometimes I’d only drink 64 oz of carrot juice for a day and called it successful. The longest I ever juice fast with Bolthouse farms carrot juice was 16 days straight and I lost about 23 lbs overall. 

It worked…and didn’t work. Whenever I did such drastic diets it was with the intent to start new. To give my body a break and finally get my life together, but the only thing I did was stress my heart out more than obesity did. 

One day if you have some time, I’ll share with you all the other measures I put myself through, such as wrapping my stomach in duct tape so I wouldn’t have enough air to chew my food. I figured if I got too greedy, passing out would teach me the lesson I obviously needed (insert rolling eyes emoji).

As you can see, I’ve had quite a struggle with my weight and finding a healthy balance to lead a healthy lifestyle. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I was placed on medication for stage two hypertension a little over two months ago, especially when I was repeatedly warned that my blood pressure was increasing. But call me surprised you may. 

Silly me but I thought all the sweets (mmmm chocolate cookies, tiramisu, icecream, chocolate), fried foods, stress, insomnia and inactivity would somehow turn me into the healthiest person on the plant.

You see, I didn’t understand what a big deal it was to have high blood pressure. A few years ago a doctor advised me that I was at Stage one but I swore to her that I would change my lifestyle, lose weight, and lower my numbers. 

Well, several hospital visits later I’m now back to square one, vowing to myself that I will make that change. After educating myself on the realities of blood pressure and how it is a dream killer…because it will silently kill yo as…butt, and pffff there goes your dreams,  I’ve suddenly gained the wisdom of all the gurus on this planet. 

Today I made the decision to stop my foolishness for good when I found myself once again Googling that delusional question “how much weight can I lose in one month”.

I had a choice to make today, do I crash diet again with the hopes of detoxing my way to a normal BMI? Continue to look and feel like a depressed health anxious stressed out zombie with under eye dark circles to rival Grumpy cat? Maybeeee I’ll realize that even the fastest bamboo in the world still takes time to grow.

Nothing is instant, not even the snap of my fingers. So why did I expect to unearth and heal the traumatizing mental imbalance that caused me to ignore my health in the first place? No baby, all things take time. 

My goal is to push myself in the next 30 days to lose weight in a healthy life sustaining way and be cleared by my doctor to discontinue my blood pressure medication.  All things are possible because I Am possible. 

Remember that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

In other words, If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I’ll get what I’ve been getting and definitely worse. However, if I move forward and keep going, I’ll create miracles. The only thing that can stop me is an unbalanced mentality manifested in an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Research says losing 2 pounds a week, 8lbs a month is a healthy and realistic goal. My mind instantly tells me that isn’t enough. I want to lose 30 lbs in 30 days. Something had to give,  I compromised with my still slightly unbalanced mind and settled on losing 12.5 lbs a month for the next four months. 

The ways I see it, miracles are littles acts of grace combined to create the desired outcome of a person’s will. I’ll be gracious, kind and loving to myself because I’m ready. No more yo-yo crash dieting and unrealistic goals that never works out. As of today, I am 191.4lbs down from 230 lbs, (crowd goes wild!!).

This time I say move forward and don’t look back! One foot in front of the other. I’ve lost 40lbs by eating fewer calories and making slight changes. I am excited to see what big changes un-laziness will bring. LOL see you later with tomorrow’s update!

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