Gotta Work Hard To Be Healthy

Gotta Work Hard To Be Healthy

Have you ever heard the song “ Gotta Work” by Amarie? If not, you’re missing out, it has everything that you may ever need to pick your a…butt up and get the job done.

It’s another day and I ran my little cute self around the block twice. On the last leg of the job, I powered through and pictured myself as an olympic sprinter. 

Whether I was going as fast as them is up to debate, but in my mind…I was. I want to let you know that the entire run felt really horrible. I could hardly catch my breath and I kept thinking of how much I wanted to stop.

My entire focus was on my designated stopping point where I was able to take a sip of water, and big gulps of air. I’m really out of shape y’all.

To be very honest, I dislike running / jogging or any other form of working out beside dancing. I find it laboriously uninteresting. Actually, it feels like torture but what can I say? Either you do something or basically die.

Inactivity leads to death in more than one ways. The first thing to go is your mind, followed by your spirit, confidence, and finally, your health. So while I find it difficult to catch my breath working out, my body feels better after.

Our bodies are like vehicles, it has to be used to remain safe and effective. If we idle and sit too long all sorts of problems arise that take more effort to fix rather than maintaining from the beginning.

If you’re like me and need to fix a few things before it really gets out of control, then the only thing to do is to do it. Feelings has no place in the discussion, only action. 

The biggest mistake you can make that will most assuredly lead to failure is to try and push yourself during the first few weeks of getting back active.

What usually happens is that you will experience a burn out because you went from zero to one hundred. There’s no sustainability, just desperation.

It has happened to me time and time again. I always start my fitness journey like I’m trying to compete in some body building contest and by the second week, I give up.

There’s no way that I can go from being a couch french fry to Mrs. champion of all things active in the span of one or even two weeks.

First of all, it took a lazy mentality, depression, along with the lack of confidence to get me in this position. The real work begins in the places that are not naked to the public eye but secretly blocked from them, your mind.

You must nurture yourself while crawling before you begin to walk. If your average steps for the day is 20, then aim for one hundred. By the end of the week you’ll have 700 steps versus the 140 you would have had.

Are fitness buffs and blogs forcing you to walk 10,000 steps a day? No! However, it’s revolutionary to your physical and mental health to get as close to that number as possible.

When you begin to believe in yourself little by little, things work out for the best. Before you know it, the 100 steps per day becomes 200. The key to all things in life is consistency.

Be consistent at whatever you choose to do, but be kind and gentle to yourself. Remember that nothing happens instantly and all things take time.

One more step today is one more step towards your goal of becoming healthy.

Do not compare yourself to others because it will cause you to stop believing in yourself. Be strong and courageous ladies, if it is in your will, it’s in your power.

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