The Prized Club

The prized club is an exclusive giveaway community for women with 4C textured hair. As with fingerprints, no two persons have the same hair type but we do all share fundamental similarities.

We are committed to simplifying your hair journey along with shortening your wash days by providing you with the tools, techniques, and recipes that were found to be helpful.

You don’t have to have it all figured out, we’re here to help. Membership includes automatic entry to giveaways for the duration of your subscription.

There are so many things to be worried about in this world, spam mail and caring for your hair shouldn’t be among them. That is why we only send emails to announce giveaways, post winners, and share a few things. We got you.

If you aren’t afraid to break out of the box, then sign up for The Prize Club to be registered for giveaways, information, and tips.

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