Dr. Susan Moore

Today I read an article concerning a physician who was medically mistreated due to her race and sex. Her name is Dr. Susan Moore. 

Before Dr. Susan Moore passed away from complications stemming from mistreatment and covid-19.

Dr. Moore documented her experience to share with the world a reality they refuse to acknowledge.

Black people, especially black women are severely mistreated in the healthcare system. How many times must one make the same complaints until something is done? 

The lack of care they receive compared to their white counterpart is astounding. Oftentimes, black women, medical complaints are ignored and undertreated.

It is inhuman to treat a fellow life in such a way. Dr. Moore said “This is how Black people get killed when you send them home, and they don’t know how to fight for themselves

Those words really touched something deep in my heart and I instantly thought about my own experiences with the hospital systems.

It saddened me to such a degree that I shared the news with my husband.

He told me he also heard what had happened and also thought of the times when I made the same complaints. 

I’m 36 and never had insurance. That meant that each time I visited the emergency room I became tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

This is why I would wait until I couldn’t bear what ailed me to check myself into the emergency room.

Being an uninsured black woman gave me the opportunity to witness a side of healthcare many people deny exist. The dark side.

Time and time again I was treated like a liar, drug addict, and as if I committed a personal offense by daring to check myself into their hospital.

This is why I do my best to arm myself with as much information as possible.

I research the types of exams I would need and what they determine. I ask as many questions as I can keep eye contact, my back straight, and my self worth high.

I am somebody,

I am a human too.

No matter the type of pain I experience, I never let my guard down enough to trust that they are working in my best interest.

I’ve had to deal with things such as condescending, lofty attitudes, and staff neglect.

Recently, I was forgotten about in my hospital room and had to advise several staff members concerning the steps to be taken. 

How you are treated in a hospital and whether you receive good care depends on their personal preference of paying clients…I mean patients.

Don’t appeal to the staff or hospital management for better treatment. Go to the source of their funding.

We are past the point of appealing to their humanity. They cannot understand it because it’s the thing which they lack the most. 

What can you do?

Understand the healthcare organization is a business. It exists solely for the purpose of making money. Once you know that, you now know that you are not powerless.


You are very much powerful. You control the future of these organizations because they need your money. It’s as simple as that.

When you are mistreated:

File a complaint with the organization they are accredited by.

File a complaint with the state that provides funding and licensing to their business.

File a complaint on their social media.

Spread the word of your mistreatment, that same thing you do when you visit a horrible business.

Save others from having to experience the same lack of professionalism by the staff members of a healthcare facility.

Let the world hear your story. You are a paying customer at a BUSINESS. If they can’t do their JOBS then it’s time to take your money elsewhere.

In the words of my wonderful friend “YOU DON’T HAVE TO BEG ANYONE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY”.

Start frequenting places that respect your life. Those are the businesses that are worthy of your hard earned dollar.

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